Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Aries vs Haslar

This image shows Humphrey Barton  inspecting the Aries (no.3) onto the transom. It was installed in 1968 in Gibraltar before a transAtlantic. The mounting will be similar for the Haslar gear, as will the size of the wind vane (except Haslars are not ply but white). There is a lot of work to do to get the Haslar gear restored, and that is not frankly a priority at present. I would like to get it tested this season though.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Some work on the poop deck

Rosie looking resplendent in her Winter berth. a lot of work is going on around the poop deck at present. The first thing is that the Rutland wind turbine needs a service as the bearings were making a nasty vibration. I think this could have been down to laying it on the floor for three months whilst the yacht was being painted in the shed (I could not get the yacht into the paint tent with that stainless pole poking up).

The next thing that needs sorting is that how to attach the Haslar servo-pendulum wind vane without wrecking her aesthetics.

This was kindly donated to the yacht by Andy (thank you again). Rosie really should have an Aries as installed by Humphrey Barton in Gibraltar. Sadly Aries are very rare as they are such good buts of kit that owners hang onto them. The Hasler is rare too, and is keeping with the period of yacht. This version is the oversized one rarely seen. In tribute the Humphrey Barton I have decided to name it "Hum".

I have had some stainless tubes made up that fit on the stern capping rail. These will allow the gear to be removed with ease. Its hard to do this fitting from the mooring so being stern to on the pontoon has been very useful.

A few other things that need to be done on the poop deck is sort out the AIS aerial (relayed to the plotter), fit a new stern light to replace the last one that failed due to water ingress (those plastic really expensive aqua signal designs are terrible - I mean terrible for the price!).

The davits have has cleats added to them so that they can become operational with tackle. Not that I will use them for river cruising, but if I ever make it to the Caribbean, I know from experience that they will become very useful. Just don't ask me how to use the davits and the wind vane at the same time.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

I have been Dodging a bit of work

It has not been a particularly cold winter, but it has been grey and damp and I lost a bit of boat “restoration motivation”.  This was partly because I had so many problems with the Perkins after an “official service”.  New, more competent engineers have made the engine ready for many miles ahead with a full service.
  • ·        The Borg Warner velvet drive system has had the bearings replaced.
  • ·        There is a new shaft gland and stern-tube to replace the old unreliable ceramic cutlass bearing.
  • ·        The tanks have been steam cleaned and inspection hatches laser-cut  out.
  • ·        New wiring to the starter motor and reduction in cable run length and a dedicated starter batter with a 1-2-both switch.
  • ·        New water pump
  • ·        New alternator to replace the dynamo
  • ·        Full service and spare parts audit

Maybe a break has been a good things as now I feel reinvigorated and the pressure is on to get her ready for the season. There are a number of things that really need to be done urgently:

  • ·        The roller reefing genoa jams; I think this will be an up-the-mast job.
  • ·        The chart table needs to be rebuilt in order to let the drawer underneath work.
  • ·        I still have deck leaks!!! Need get this sorted.
  • ·        AIS cable and antenna needs to be run
  • ·        Galley needs to be finished-off
  • ·        Heads rebuild and holding tank fitted
  • ·        New saloon bunk cushions
  • ·        New control panel in the cockpit
  • ·        Rutland serviced to stop bearing noise

I think I will stop now…. You get the idea. I could go on and on and on. At least I started by adding new dodgers to the cockpit. A relatively easy task.