Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Update: Spars

Whilst waiting for the varnish and paint to dry I have have started work on the spars. The mast looked very sorry for itself with large sections of varnish peeling off in large sheets. This is now going to be stripped back to bare wood and Coelan applied. With this wonder product the next time the mast is down should be in ten years time.

You can see a bit of Iroko stretching 15ft up the front of the mast. This is to house a new track so a whisker pole can be stored up the mast in Hiscock fashion.

All the rigging has been sent off to be tested as part of my insurance requirements.

As part of my survey three years ago the boom for the stays'l was flagged as being rotten on the end. A new piece of spruce has been scarfed in a 7:1 - new galvanized fitting too.

All the spars that I can reach from deck level are being coated in International Blue Peter varnish

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