Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cockpit Tidy Up

 The cockpit is the most used part of the yacht and it has had some wear and tear in its time. What do you expect when she has crossed the Atlantic over 25 times! Considering this she one would expect a complete rebuild, but no. Good drains and solid construction have helped stem decay apart from two areas. The first is the bottom edge of the lazarette locker. New pieces of marine ply being laminated up here. The second area of concern is the Starboard side cockpit seat. There used to be a generator room under with a opening lockers. In the 70's this was converted to a quarter berth and the lockers gave way to a solid cockpit bench. Whoever built it did not add a camber or slope so now water pools in the forward outboard corner and eventually leaks into the yacht. In order to avoid a complete rebuild I have decided to add a drain here. There used to be a anti-siphon loop with drain overboard at the rear end of the quarter berth, but this is no longer needed as I have a Vetus loop now, so this now will be used as a handy drain for the seat.

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