Monday, 27 April 2015

Here comes the sun!

It is likely that I will spend much time onboard Rosie this summer. One thing I that Rosie used to have is an inbuilt ice box, but this was removed at some stage. The quarterberth used to be a generator locker, but now it seems electrics are provided by renewables. She is equipped with a Rutlant wind vane, but after auditing the electrics, this is not enough to run a fridge. I have decided to for the Waeco coolfreeze 18litre that just about fits in the locker under the quarterberth - where the original ice box would have been. It also has a very low power consumption. I need to install 50w of solar panels. It has taken some time to source ones that can fit on the coachroof and be as aesthetically pleasing to a wooden classic yacht as possible. The new Scanstrut deck glands are brilliant even though tricky to fit. So I now have 2x20w on each side of the coachroof and one 10w on the poop-deck which should provide 50w of power when the sun faces one side of the yacht and a lot more when overhead.

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