Sunday, 5 April 2015

Water water everywhere except on Rosie

It's Easter and Ipswich seems to have been invaded by eye wateringly expensive and smelly double-diesel guzzling mobo's. It's okay is you like that sort of thing, but it does seem they miss the tranquility of yachting. This one parked up next to me and rew's compliment came complete with teenagers requiring TV, Ipad, Pods, all over the place. All those Frozen songs being transmitted easily through the water into Rosie's hull. There was nothing for it but to be the electric drill out and do some onboard DIY.

It does appear that marina etiquette is somewhat missing these these days. The photo above shows this constantly filling the tank of water throughout the weekend. I wanted to use it - the only hose on the pontoon - but alas, the owners decided to go into town and leave it running. On their return I asked to retrieve the hose. No, they wanted showers onboard as their "ensuite" is nicer than the marina's ones. This required constantly filling the tank as a family of 5 went off to have their showers... Am I missing something here?

On a serious note though, I worked on Rosie's safety gear this weekend to bring it upto ISAF spec - something that is required for any ocean passage if I am to get her insured for that. This means an upgrade of the lifebouy. The old upside down light did not work and new more modern has been added. Then there is an old strobe light that came with Rosie's inventory that I have now added to the top of the danbouy. Lastly I have added a drogue to the lifebouy and connected the two with new floating line. The danbouy flag was very faded and that has now been replaced and there is now a cover on it attached to the backstay to protect it from UV. All of this took me all afternoon to set up and then I looked at mu neighbour. I could not see one bit of lifesaving equipment anywhere? No lifebouy, no lines, no nothing...

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