Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Very Brief History

I have always had a childhood passion for owning a Vertue after reading Vertue XXXV.  The Rambler Class, designed by Giles exclusively for Humphrey Barton,  and was heavily influenced by the Vertue. She was mainly designed a double-handed live-aboard. She is still largely original and keeps the original slutter rig.

Rose Rambler was Hum's home between 1963 and 1975, having completed many, many, transatlantic crossing as she commuted from the med to the Caribbean during those years . She was sailed back from Cyprus to the UK in the late 1970's. A short spell was had in Brighton Marina before she was purchased by Peter Bell in the early 1980's. I bought her from Peter in July 2011.

To begin with the posts here will largely focus on her refurbishment. There are tentative plans of taking her off into the Atlantic again, and new ramblings, but for the moment the next couple of months will be spent getting her ready for some ocean sailing.

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