Friday, 20 June 2014

Heads up on the chain plates

Another job for the weekend is rather destructive. The whole yacht has been lined in plywood. I really don't like it when this is done. It hides all manner of sins from owners over the years and even from the surveyor. Removing the plywood from the fo'c'sle berth earlier showed where some seems has opened up and where very old dry putty was falling away. Now that is being raked out and re-caulked. My real concern is that the chain plates need to be inspected.
On the starboard side there is plywood lining in the vestibule locker. To port the plates are hidden behind the pullman sink furniture..... there is nothing for it; I need to get in there if only for piece of mind. Even a hairline crack (which there is) can let in substantial water and start rot. I have also discovered on my deck leak list that the grab handles and teak pads for the patent levers were not bedded down in mastic, so no wonder they leaked!

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