Saturday, 21 June 2014

Heads again!

I had to attack the vestibule and heads today. I was getting so worried about those chain plates and the wood around them behind all that plywood paneling. I need not had worried, but there was evidence on mildew and mould. This needs cleaning up now and holes drilled for ventilation. The plywood lining is not going back! One really should be able to get easy access to any of the planking from the inside on wooden boat.

Anyway, after near total destruction I can start to rebuild. The stainless tank for the pullman sink will need to be remade do that it is is a totally removable unit so that I can gain access to the chain plates in future.

There is a photo below shows a  red hose. This a the hot water system that I am installing; it will have a discreet outlet in the new stainless pullman tank. A shave in hot water will be a luxury! Oh, and I fluorescent light goes; being ugly was it's downfall. So I am on the search for a vintage vanity light.

The last photo shows the where water was getting in  at the front of the coachroof. This was purely due to the glass cloth not being turned up at the edges of the deck and

coachroof. Silly really, a mistake that could destroy a wooden boat....but luckily the damage was caught in time. I have some work do do here. There are some badly corroded iron lodging knees below which leaks conveniently dripped on. These are going to be difficult to remove.

There is some good news. Jack, a school lever and looking to gain painting skills on boats (as well as cars) has finished sanding his port toe rail before varnishing. It is a competition as to who gets a better finish. The starboard side (mine) is looking decidedly lacklustre!

This is what lining a boat in plywood on the inside will do to your planking! Note the evidence of leaks...

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