Thursday, 12 June 2014

Rosie Refurbishment

After 51 years and over 17 Atlantic crossings, Rosie is in pretty good condition. But she does require some attention as all wooden boats do, if she is going to do the Atlantic again. The yard have been brilliant in raking the seams out ready for painting. There are some soft patches around that will require some graving pieces.

The main jobs:

  • Replace the last remaining galvanised floor, 
  • Strip and varnish the mast.
  • Rigging inspected and tested.
  • New stuffing box and greaser, 
  • New cockpit sole and teak grates
  • Two seacock replacements. 
  • Cabin revarnish
  • Deck leaks sorted
  • Window seepage sported (possible re-bedding)
  • Rebuild hatch garage and make strong enough to stand on.
  • Update some defunct electronics and ensure batteries go in boxes.
  • Install fridge and enough solar to power it.

ohhh, and a lot of paint and varnish!

Oh well, that will keep me out of trouble for a while!

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